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I felt the need to combine all of the scattered information about Vapeds in one spot so that people get an idea of what Vapeds actually ARE before I find the time to make more comprehensive reference images/sheets. (Currently have a diagram of the insides of a Vaped in the works courtesy of ToothlessEgo GET HYPED!)
Keep in mind this information is subject to change at any time, and I'll be adding/removing things as I think of it.

What is a Vaped?

In summary, Vapeds are palm-sized (think portable vaporizer size…) mechanical creatures that act as a vaporizer. They are factory-made to specifications and have a semi-complex AI system. Their insides are similar to that of a portable vaporizer, worked around a moderately intricate bio-mechanical skeleton.


Vapeds come out of the factory with a default personality. They are initially very laid-back and clingy. Once fully-charged they bond with the first person they see. Once the first toke is taken you've made a life-friend! Each Vaped comes with their own solar-powered charging pad. When the Vaped is low on charge they become very lethargic and 'sleepy'. They curl up on their pads and regain charge from their hooves. Vapeds also come with an Iphone app! The app is loaded with custom information upon purchase of your Vaped and gives you real-time stats including their current charge level and mood. Vapeds are wifi compatible and when too far from the signal of your phone will shut down (sleep) so that they cannot wander off too far! Vapeds have an SD card slot where their memory is located. Depending on the GBs they have, they can have very long-term or short-term memory. They are capable of learning tricks and are very motivated by their favorite munchies! When a Vaped eats any food, it crumbles out of their mouth and makes a mess as they can't technically swallow. Their favorite munchies are heavily centered around texture! Vapeds are very cuddly and love nothing more than curling up with their owners watching Steven Universe episodes and eating lots of snack foods.

Vapeds personalities can change if the owner mistreats them. They'll act very lethargic and be somewhat depressed. This also happens if the Vaped is filled with unhealthy unnatural or synthetic substances.

How they work

The inside of a Vaped's mouth is hollowed out to make place for the herb. The herb can be put in whole (fits about 1 nug) or already crushed. Their teeth are trapezoidal in shape and made of a hardened metal. They use them to grind weed down much like a normal grinder (…). Their tongues are lined with small meche-covered holes to allow kief (finely ground weed) to fall through into a removable compartment in the chin. Once the herb is ground, the insides of the Vaped activate upon suction of the butt-tube. The heating elements in their bellies are protected by a ceramic chamber of sorts. The herb vaporizes and collects in a pocket near the butt where it can be sucked out and enjoyed. When fully charged various power indicators lit up by LED lights interlaced in the 'shell' of the Vaped, shine brightly to indicate that the Vaped is at a high enough charge to heat up herb to the correct temperature for vaping. When fully charged and vaped, colored vapor can be seen coming out of the nose. Vapeds can be disassembled for cleaning (must be turned off beforehand). They unscrew at the neck and the hips.

Modding and defects

After a Vaped has been purchased from the factory, people have been known to add mods to the shell to better suit the strain the Vaped was given. Modding can include changes to the nose, the tube, power indicators, and on the body itself. Any mods that hinder the use of the Vaped (makes it harder/impossible to smoke ex. non-removable tube covers, or something that makes the Vaped unable to grind herb properly) is considered a defect. Vapeds are not modded at the factory, and if you receive a Vaped that is already modded, it means that they've had at least one previous owner. Because of this, their temperaments may also vary from the default setting. The use of synthetic weed or herb can also cause a defective Vaped.


Very underdeveloped at this point, there are three known subspecies. Minis are slightly smaller Vapeds meant for carrying around discreetly in your pocket. They hold a smaller amount of herb but require a smaller amount of charge to work. Volcano Vapeds are the polar opposite, and are rabbit-sized (the largest they can get) and are fashioned after old-school bulky vaporizers. The third subspecies is somewhat of a free-for-all and very tentative. This subspecies can include Vapeds that use herbs other than weed (ex. hookah). Or changes in the structure of the Vaped (ex. humidifier vaped/water bong vaped etc.) All the subspecies are restricted to auctions or close friends and cannot be attained through customs or MYOs.
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